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17 - 28/06/2016

photo Klaudyna Schubert
Galleryphoto Klaudyna Schubert

In ‘Extreme Voices’ there is no time for thinking, it’s all about going through a series of experiences. That is why the crazy Japanese girls splashed the audience with water from buckets, threw algae and (presumably) spinach at them, and then topped it all off with confetti.

Although Friday was rainy and not particularly inviting to go out, the 26th Malta Festival was open with much success. Those who did not make it to Artonik’s “Color of Time” parade (which joyously walked through the centre of Poznań), could observe traces of its presence throughout the evening and several days after. Colourful stains could be seen on the pavements and, more importantly, some people enjoying the Ballady i Romanse concert on Friday evening looked like live incarnations of abstract paintings. Because “Color of Time” was not only about parading and dancing, it was primarily about throwing multi-coloured powder at each other, which stuck to everyone’s bodies, hair and clothes” , reports Stanisław Godlewski in “Gazeta Wyborcza” about the Friday launch of the festival.

It was worth escaping reality for a moment, even if water got me for the second time that day”, said Stefan Drajewski about the performance of the Japanese group in today’s “Głos Wielkopolski”. See the photo gallery of the colourful opening of Malta Festival Poznań 2016.

The cycle of live installations “Ceci n’est pas..” on ul. Półwiejska has also commenced. Every day until Saturday 25 June at 14:00-19:00 you will be able to witness a different scene. “This man is free and he can break what he wants. I completely don’t understand it and I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. Maybe he does that to live his art?”, commented a German tourist about Saturday’s performance. Take a hard look at your thoughts and go to Wojciech Wołocznik’s blog to read what kinds of reactions are provoked by “Ceci n’est pas..” in passers-by.
Lotte van den Berg’s “Building Conversation” has also commenced. How do we talk to each other, and how could we do it differently? Find out. An additional tranche of entry tickets to the conversations, which will be held every day on Plac Wolności until 26 June, is available.