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17 - 28/06/2016

photo. K. Schubert
Galleryphoto. K. Schubert

When a month ago we started Malta Festival Poznań, Plac Wolności was adorned with a banner with an inscription “Czynni” [“The active ones” ]. Created together by the participants of Malta, the inhabitants of Poznań and the A La Teatr group, the large-scale embroidery was a motto, which set the rhythms of this year’s Malta Generator. For the fourth time the urban section of the festival concentrated on Plac Wolności and inspired people to be active. It was thanks to our combined energy that the square, “usually deserted, became bustling with life all day (and night)”, reported Piotr Dobrowolski from e-czaskultury.pl.

Thank you for being active and creating the festival with us! Your comments are the best proof, that the Generator is something we created together! Here are some of them: “I am glad I could be a part of this”, Sandra Kula; “I love spending time at the centre of festival life on Plac Wolności. The space of the square is organised very well, there was always something going on”, Joanna Drzazga; “Just one remark: Generator Malta could be there all summer”, Marcin Mielcarek. [see how you spent your free time on Malta]

Free mornings, crazy nights

We share stories from the days and nights we pass at the festival during regular meetings at our Community Gardens on Łazarz and Wilda. Join us to reminisce together about delicious mornings spent thanks to “Breakfasts at Liberty” conducted by Kuchnia Ichnia, games in the “Children at Liberty” section and “Warm-ups” in which the artists who came to Poznań for Malta played the roles of instructors. We can talk till night finds us! And then we can proceed to the evening events: the all-night musical experiment of the KakofoNIKT group in a deserted building or the “Seen at night” walk with Benek Ejgierd” [see the photos from his walk around Poznań]. We will also look back at the wonderful performances of Moullinex with a guest performance of Iwona Skwarek [watch the 360° recording], Ballady i Romanse, Julia Marcell or the Australian band Ginger and the Ghost on the festival’s music scene [see photos], as well as the frivolities of Silent disco – where apart from sets played by the journalists of Polish Radio 3 we had sets by local dj’s and aficionados of 1920s and 1930s swing! [see how much fun we had]

Underground and on the balcony

We can climb a tree in our garden and reminisce about how this year Malta functioned on heights. On Plac Wolności you could, as Szymon Bojdo writes in “Przewodnik Katolicki” “make clothes, embroider, lay on a grassy puff, swing in a hammock, have a bite to eat and listen to a concert, take part in a debate about empty buildings and watch films in the evenings” as well as listen to Adam Gołębiewski’s concert in the underground car-park. We climbed with our eyes to see the “Myopia” exhibition on the balconies and facades around Plac Wolności [see photos] and we climbed the stairs when visiting the tallest buildings of Poznań during the “Crown of Poznań” excursions.

On the Plac Wolności stage

This year we met in great numbers on Plac Wolności to talk. Figures such as Wojciech Jagielski, Marcin Kącki, Jan Komasa, Mikołaj Mikołajczyk and Piotr Siemion, as well as artists of the “Paradox of the Spectator” Idiom and Poznań migrants all took part in the forum discussions [see photos].

The open air stage was graced by Polish improvised theatre groups and stand-up artists. “It all worked really well, and Klancyk and their play In the meantime someplace else is one of the funnies things I’ve seen recently”, reported Stanisław Godlewski in „Gazeta Wyborcza”. We also had the opportunity to see the performances of Teatr Dramatyczny from Wałbrzych, Teatr Narodowy from Warsaw as well as Marta Lipińska and Krzysztof Kowalewski with a performance based on their cult radio program “Kocham pana, panie Sułku!” [“Mr Sułek, I love you!”] [see photo gallery].