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17 - 28/06/2016

La FabricA / © Christophe Raynaud de Lage
GalleryLa FabricA / © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

In 2016 during a meeting on Malta festival entitled “Architecture for culture” we presented the idea of building an art and research centre in Poznań inspired by La FabricA, the centre created by the festival in Avignon. Now, we return to our talks with the City Hall. We plan to obtain the funds for the construction of La FabricA in Poznań from the the Norway Grants.

‘We want La FabricA to be a place for modern theatre, dance and avant-garde performances, music and cinema events, workshops an other creative activity, furnished with the newest equipment’, says Michał Merczyński. ‘Malta Foundation is to be the host of the venue. There will be no permanent troupe of artists. We will have a program of artistic residencies and cooperation with local culture animators.’

La FabricA in Avignon was created in 2013 as a theatre centre and one of the main stages of the Theatre Festival, the most important theatre event in Europe. The most prominent artists of the world have been presenting their work there since 1947. Krzysztof Warlikowski went there with his “Warsaw Cabaret” [“Kabaret warszawski”], while in 2015 Krystian Lupa put up his “Clearance” [“Wycinka”]. The building of this theatrical factory was designed by a Polish architect working in France, Maria Godlewska ARCHITECTURE.

‘Poznań has a new hall of the Academy of Music, the Grand Hall and the Raczyśki Library have been renovated , but we still don’t have a real theatre hall. Teatr Nowy and Teatr Polski are beautiful places, where wonderful things are created, but they are not new and they have their limitations. Yes, things are happening in Strafa Robocza at the former Olimia cinema, but this is an adaptation of older interiors. We have no truly modern space fully adjusted to the needs of contemporary performative activity. Ever since 1991 when the stage for Teatru Ósmego Dnia was built at the Arcadia building, and a the space for the presentation of dance at Słodownia was created, no new theatre space was constructed. We need a new formula’, ,says Michał Merczyński in an interview for "Gazeta Wyborcza”

La FabricA culture centre could be built on a plot of land belonging to the city, where the Bogdanka ice-skating rink is currently located, it is one of the seven potential locations proposed by the city of Poznań.
‘We are considering the creation of a space for our partners, with whom we collaborate closely on a daily basis. A sort of a co-working arrangement, modelled on the space for start-ups on ul. Za Bramką’, explains the president of Malta Foundation, Michał Merczyński.

You can read the whole interview conducted by Kajetan Kurkiewicz with Michał Merczyński in "Gazeta Wyborcza".