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17 - 28/06/2016

Gallery"Wasteland" © Lotte van den Berg

This year's 26th edition of Malta Festival Poznań will take place between 17th and 28th June. The curator of the seventh Idiom of Malta Festival Poznań is Lotte van den Berg. The Dutch director has invited young artists, who in various ways take up themes observation and participation. The program will include live installations which are to provoke the imagination of the viewer to determine ethical framework of representation, as well as plays questioning the rules guiding theatre space, surprising the viewer with an excess of stimuli and investigating their sense of fear. It is what often determines one’s relationship with oneself and the society, it determines our space in the public domain.

THE PARADOX OF THE SPECTATOR is a situation which we all find ourselves in. At the theatre, on the street, at work or at home - we wear our masks and play the role of the VIEWER, WITNESS, ACTOR wherever we are, we constantly shift positions from which we regard the world. What is the process of observation in a world of image overload? Why do some situations encountered through images provoke our empathy, while others which happen right by remain inaccessible to us? Is there a place for authenticity in a world where the virtual mixes with the real? What would it be?