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17 - 28/06/2016

photo © Artonik
Galleryphoto © Artonik

Malta Festival Poznań 2016 will open on 17 June by a French group Artonik, which will whisk everyone up to join the dancing theatrical parade entitled “The Color of Time” – a raucous colourful march inspired by the Hindu tradition of Holi. The following 12 days in Poznań will be filled with over 240 events from modern theatre and dance, through films and concerts, to meetings and unique artistic and social events. We start at 19:00 by Teatr Polski in Poznań! Please find some practical information below.

In a week’s time we are also launching Malta Generator, which for the duration of 12 days will turn Plac Wolności into a bustling green city of art and fun. You can join the warmup conducted by the dancers of Artonik as early as 11.00. At 18:00 we will watch the energetic happening of high-school students from several countries of the world, which will constitute the finale of Young Malta which has started this Monday.

From 20:30 the building facades and balconies around Plac Wolności, will be graced with installations belonging to the “Myopia” [“Miopia”] and “I don’t believe my eyes” [“Oczom nie wierzę”] exhibition. Later on you can take part in the Night Runners urban run. Those who decide to say on Plac Wolności, will get to listen to the concert of Ballady i Romanse and dance away on Silent Disco.

On Plac Wolności on 17 June you will be able to rub shoulders with Lotte van den Berg, the curator of the Pardox of he Viewer Idiom. On Scena Robocza we will show the first of the plays belonging to this section of the program – “Extreme Voices” Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker. Twenty five actors, singers and dancers will put the theatrical machinery in full swing and endeavour to recreate the cultural explosion of modern Japan.
For a detailed program of Malta Festival Poznań 2016 opening please go to www.malta-festival.pl.