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17 - 28/06/2016

Magazyn Poznański / Gazeta Wyborcza 1.04.2016
GalleryMagazyn Poznański / Gazeta Wyborcza 1.04.2016

“It will be an original work. I wrote the whole script myself. We want to show something between ballet and very expressive modern dance. I love combining various visual styles, that is why I want to transcend dance and combine it with multimedia elements”, explains Jan Komasa.

In today’s Magazyn Poznański in “Gazeta Wyborcza” the director joined by other creators of the spectacle and the director of Malta Festival Poznań talk to Kajetan Kurkiewicz about their inspirations, ideas and the details of the making of the event. “We shall use the metaphors and the language of modern art. We wish to show a fresh interpretation of those events and also reach young people”, says Michał Merczyński, the director of “Malta”.

Bartek Wąsik talks about being inspired by the compositions of Julius Eastman: “His compositions are extreme. This piece is all about playing as fast and as loud as possible. It is minimalism, but it is maximal. It sounds like an approaching catastrophe". “It is the quintessence of revolution”, adds Komasa. “We have to produce an unbearable situation in order to rebound from it and to demonstrate the flight to freedom”, says Mikołaj Mikołajczyk referring to the choreography.

Komasa also stresses the universal character of the event. “I hope that people will be able to refer the spectacle to their own life. They will find themselves reflected in it like in a mirror.” You can read the whole text in today’s Magazyn Poznański in “Gazeta Wyborcza”.