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17 - 28/06/2016

La FabrikA in Avignon - visualisation
GalleryLa FabrikA in Avignon - visualisation

During this year’s festival we presented a concept for the construction of a research and art centre La FabricA Malta. The space, inspired by the La FabricA building In Avignon is to be a place for production and presentation of artistic events, audience and artist education, as well as well as social and artistic undertakings. The new space is being designed by Maria Godlewska, an architect working in Poland and France, a designer of art-related venues, including the La FabricA building in Avignon, whose functionality was an inspiration for the space in Poznań. The centre is to comprise of a theatre stage, a residential space for artists, a warehouse area and a space for technical works, as well as a workshop space with an open art courtyard.

The idea of building a new culture centre in Poznań has been awarded by “Gazeta Wyborcza Poznań” with a “Biała Pyra”. This symbolic distinction was received by the director of Malta Festival Poznań, Michał Merczyński – for the idea of creating La FabricA, and the city administration – for their willingness to cooperate and to hand over a plot of land for development.