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17 - 28/06/2016

photo. K. Schubert
Galleryphoto. K. Schubert

This year’s edition of Malta festival was special, because it was devoted to you - the spectators. Thank you for being with us in such great numbers, with such great joy, reflection and attention! We estimate that all 242 Malta events gathered over 70 000 people. Find yourself on Malta in the festival’s spectators gallery!

“The recently concluded Malta festival showed that taking art out into the space of the city is still worthwhile”, commented Katarzyna Kornaga in “Gazeta Wyborcza”. In total we took you to 58 places – theatres, courtyards, streets, balconies, empty buildings, river banks and on underground and overground walks.

Malta was inaugurated by a parade which walked from Teatr Polski to the fountain on Plac Wolności led by Artonik. Thanks to the French artists we experienced euphoria, we formed a colourful crowd celebrating the opening of the festival [see video report]. The most important locations of Malta Festival Poznań 2016 were Malta Generator on Plac Wolności and Plac Mickiewicza, where the grand finale of the 26th edition of the festival took place.

What emotions after Xenophony?

Over 8000 viewers saw “Xenophony. Symphony for the Other” directed by Jan Komasa, choreographed by Mikołaj Mikołajczyk, with music by Kwadrofonik. The spectacle was staged on the 60th anniversary of Poznań June ’56. See the photo gallery of the event!

“The dancers dripping with blood, just like the participants of the 1956 uprising, raised their hands proudly – despite the angry gestures of politicians. This is how art celebrated the remembrance of the anniversary and the heroes from Poznań”, commented Jacek Cieślak in “Rzeczpospolita”. “It was a unique combination of digital sounds, string quartet and piano music, as well as dance, images and cutting-edge technology”, wrote Paulina Jęczmionka in “Głos Wielkopolski”.

Thank you for your presence and your animated comments: “That was INCREDIBLE! Strong, brave, exactly on point. Huge congratulations for the courage to speak to the broader audience in the language of dance, which is not easy in reception. Nevertheless the message was clear and utterly moving (…) BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO I am glad that such events take place in Poznań!”– Matylda Górska; “That was extraordinary! So many emotions, such wonderful music. Bravo for the artists!” – Beata Szeszuła; “An absolutely beautiful spectacle! I couldn’t sleep from all the emotions! I’m waiting for the next performance” – Natalia Kłysz-Sokalska; “Wonderful in its entirety, powerful in its message” – Bartek Dubiak; “Goosebumps and shivers down your spine guaranteed” – Kasia Remlein.

June ‘56 online

If you couldn’t be with us on Plac Mickiewicza and you haven’t followed “Xenophony” on YouTube, TVP2, TVP Poznań or TVP Polonia, the full video recording of the spectacle is available on Malta’s YouTube channel. TV footage is available on poznan.tvp.pl.

We are also happy that you have watched our multimedia reportage about Ponań June 1956 over 420 000 times. The reportage was prepared in collaboration with the City of Poznań, CYRYL Local Digital Repository and “Gazeta Wyborcza”. On www.poznan.wyborcza.pl you can find out more about Poznań in 1950, about the events that took place in Poznań in 1956, listen to the witnesses and find out how people from various generations talk about the events that took place 60 years ago. You will also find there previously unpublished photos, radio recordings, fragments of television documents, as well as conversations with the participants of the events of June 1956 recordings prepared especially for the reportage

We wish to thank our sponsors for being with us: festival sponsors – Tempus Group, spectacle sponsors – SGB-Bank S.A., Exide Technologies / Centra, Eurocash and ZETO Poznań as well as out logistics partner: Toyota.