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17 - 28/06/2016

photo: M. Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto: M. Zakrzewski

“They will not be lectures. Through having conversations, watching plays and performing activating workshop exercises we shall enter a discussion with and about modern performative arts”, says Hanna Kanecka and Jakub Snochowski, who will be conducting the first cycle of “Malta: Tropes”, a new program on Malta Festival Poznań directed at gymnasium and secondary school students aged 15-18. The workshops are free-of-charge and you can apply by 22 April!

The participants of the workshops will be discussing projects watched together, talking about their form and the problems they undertake, they will process them and make performative commentaries.

“For me theatre does not start with the actor. It starts with the viewer, with people who decide to watch it. In my opinion what takes courage is not only standing on the stage, exposing oneself, but also - and that may be even more courageous - stopping by, taking a seat, watching”, says Lotte van den Berg, the curator of this year’s festival Idiom “The Paradox of the Spectator”, which inspires the program of the workshops.

The participants of “Malta: Tropes” shall meet three times before the festival: 23 and 24 April, 15 May and 4 June on 5-hour workshops. Afterwards they will follow and comment together on chosen events of Malta Festival Poznań (17-28 June). All actions on “Malta: Tropes” will be free-of-charge. Applications may be submitted by 22 April to: zapisy@malta-festival.pl, enter “Malta: Tropes” in the title of the e-mail and give your name, surname, age and the name of your school in the contents of your message. The number of places is limited, first come first served.

The meeting will be conducted by Hanna Kanecka – theatre specialist and a Phd student in theatre studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Jakub Snochowski – actor, performer, theatre instructor and trainer. You can find more information about the instructors and the program of the workshops here.

The workshops shall inaugurate the “School of the Viever” project – an all-year-round program of educational activities intended for various age groups: “Children at Liberty in Town” – for children and parents, “Malta: Tropes” – for gymnasium and secondary school students, “City Academy. Prototype” – for university students and graduates.