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17 - 28/06/2016

photo Maciej Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto Maciej Zakrzewski

Friday saw the launch of the open festival village – Malta Generator on Plac Wolności. Plays, concerts, workshops, meetings and crazy games of children and parents - watch a clip, of the goings-on Plac Wolności on Saturday and Sunday. Until 28 June, Malta Generator will be offering daily fun and food for thought both to grown-ups and children. We invite everyone, no matter the age.
We started with sharpening our gaze at the area of Plac Wolności. As a part of the “Myopia Project ” artists have overtaken the balconies, windows and facades of buildings around the square. The situation is unique, as the objects, performances and screenings can only be seen if one looks high above the pavement, by fixing one’s vision or using binoculars or telescopes [see photographs from the exhibition].
We will also have very unique guides taking us on a path of discovery of architectural utopias, microorganisms and nightlife – aficionados of fields such as microbiology, botany, sociology and architecture. Today Agnieszka Chlebowska and Agnieszka Niewiadomska will show us hidden nooks and crannies and tell us about the history of the Poznań’s main street, ul. Św. Marcin. You will be also able to look at the city from bird’s eye perspective. The second edition of “Crown of Poznań” starts today, during which we will conquer the city’s summits: Okrąglak, Poznań International Fairs and Nobel Tower, as well as admire the views from private flats .
In the afternoon we invite everyone to a series of meetings entitled Spectator, actor, witness. Today Marta Mazuś, Myroslava Keryk, Nidal Kalboneh and Agata Kochaniewicz will tell us how migrants feel in Poland , what kinds of problems they encounter, how they perceive us and how we perceive them. The conversation is a part of the “Fields of vision” project. Filmmakers from Poznań with migrants from countries such as Saudi Arabia, India and Ukraine joined up with a renowned documentalist Bogdan Dziworski to make film etudes about life in Poland from the perspective of a foreigner. We invite everyone to the screening at 20:00.