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17 - 28/06/2016


What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes and shoes, which you can (and want) to cover with colourful powder. We recommend wearing white clothes as the powder looks best on them.

Will I be able to wash the powder out of my clothes?

Yes! First rub it of dry and then wash the clothes as you would normally.

What is the age of the participants of the parade?

We invite everyone to participate in “The Color of Time” - from the youngest to the oldest.

Is the powder safe for my health?

Yes, the powder is safe, non-toxic and ecologically friendly. Some participants wear glasses to protect their eyes – it is especially useful for those who wear contact lenses.

Will the streets be closed for the time of the parade?

Yes, ulica 27 Grudnia and the street by Plac Wolności from numbers 1-10 will be closed from 19:00-20:30. See the map of planned changes in traffic organisation. Information about route changes of trams no. 5, 9 and 13 stopping on the Plac Wolności stop in those hours will be sent to the media and published on www.malta-festival.pl next week.

How to join the parade?

You can take part in the parade as a viewer, dancing and playing with colours, or as a co-creator of the spectacle. If you want to join the French group Artonik in changing the colour of he sky, launching fireworks and encouraging others to play, send us an e-mail with your name surname and age to contact@malta-festival.pl, and put “ARTONIK” in the title of the e-mail or call Marta Seredyńska, tel. 607 350 828. Volunteers will meet up with Poznań dancers Krystyna Lama Szydłowska and Zofia Tomczyk before the show on 16 June to prepare the dancing, theatrical parade.

How to warm up before the parade?

It’s best to do it with Julie Yousef and Juliette Nicolotto from the band Artonik, who will organise the warmup on 17 June at 11:00 on Malta Generator on Plac Wolności.

Can I bring my mobile phone or camera?

Of course! We want you to share memories, photos and films. Remember, however, to take a plastic bag, which will protect the screen of your device against any dirt.

What is the route of the parade?

We set off at 19.00 from Teatr Polski in Poznań, we will walk down ul. 27 Grudnia, and end the parade on Plac Wolności by the fountain. You can join the fun anywhere and anytime! Admission is free of charge.