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17 - 28/06/2016

photo © Kris Dewitte
Galleryphoto © Kris Dewitte

In relation to the Idiom The Paradox of the Spectator curated by Lotte van den Berg we invite you to take part in The Spectators Group. This group of spectators will follow the Malta Festival Poznań in a special way. Joining the group you will have the possibility to see all performances for free and you’ll be invited to take part in a special program in the afternoon in which you will share your experiences and insights with each other. The core idea of the project is to create a possibility for spectators to meet during the festival in an open non-hierarchical environment and exchange ideas, experiences and impressions; find out what other’s ‘have in their heads’ and expand our understanding of ‘what has happened’ in a specific performance through the eyes of others. We'll witness ourselves as spectators and explore what happens when we use our eyes. Besides seeing performances in the evening, we will meet every day in the afternoon. We will use different conversation techniques to share experiences and follow workshops and city walks that make us look differently at ourselves and the city around us.
Beside theater spectators we also invite people who watch for their profession, professional spectators such as security officers, laboratory technicians, birdwatchers and painters. You’ll get a lot of input to enrich your exploration. On the last day we will share our findings with an audience.

The language of the group is English. The performances are in Polish / English or without words. Tickets and food are provided by the festival.

Dates: 22nd till 27th of June, afternoon + evening program.

Sodja Lotker is dramaturg and curator based in Czech Republic,
Lotte van den Berg is theater director based in the Netherlands.
Wojtek Ziemilski is theatre director living in Poland.

Please send your application including a motivation letter and a short bio in English (please don't exceed one page) to: spectators@malta-festival.pl before 7th June.