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17 - 28/06/2016

photo © A. Kopiewska
Galleryphoto © A. Kopiewska

'Rebellion is the domain of those who are looking for something, who want to find out things out, who always choose the hard way, the untrodden path', says Mikołaj Mikołajczyk, the choreographer of Ksenophony. A symphony for the Other in the interview he gave to Izabela Szymańska, which was published in today’s “Co Jest Grane24“. 'Each creative act is a type of rebellion, because to find the strength in oneself and to act authentically, you have to negate what was there before', adds Jan Komasa, the director of the spectacle.

'We are not constructing a set, apart from the dancers, there will be a special system of lights, cameras and screens on the stage. At first everyone was a bit lost, because none of us have done a thing like this before. But those moments, when I am in the wild with dozens of possibilities give me, apart from sleepless nights, the best thrills' said the director, revealing a little about the behind the scenes goings-on.

We invite you to read the whole interview in today’s “Gazeta Wyborcza“. Ksenophony. A symphony for the Other will be staged on 28 June at 22:00 on Plac Mickiewicza for the finale of Malta Festival Poznań 2016.

Watch the spot for the event on Malta’s YouTube channel.