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17 - 28/06/2016

photo: Martin Wickenhaeuser
Galleryphoto: Martin Wickenhaeuser

All plays of this year’s the Paradox of the Spectator Idiom are shown for the first time in Poland. Dries Verhoeven’s “Ceci n’est pas…”, a cycle of live installations on is continuing on ul. Półwiejska [read accounts on the blog], and Lotte van den Berg’s “Building Conversation” unfold every day on Plac Wolności. On Friday we invite you see to the other project of the curator of this year’s Idiom – her celebrated play “Wasteland”. The play is performed on the banks of the river Warta, in an open space, in no-man’s land, where the audience looks at the performance from a distance in silence and becomes hypnotised with what they see [there are still entry tickets available to the Friday and Saturday performances].

This weekend you will also be able to see the play “Extra People” by Ant Hampton which was coproduced by Malta Festival. It is a trip around an empty theatre in which the distribution of roles of the extra, the actor and the spectator becomes completely blurred. While in the “Sculpting Fear” project, Julian Hetzel investigates the beauty of a catastrophe [entry tickets available for Saturday and Sunday].

The Idiom does not cover all theatrical premieres on Malta. There will be the premiere of the play “Róża” devoted to Róża Luksemburg, as well as “Hunting scenes from Lower Bavaria” [“Sceny myśliwskie z Dolnej Bawarii”] directed by Grażyna Kania at Teatr Polski. Teatr Ósmego Dnia will present their paly “Anger” [“Gniew”] which refers to the events of Poznań June 1956.

Malta will end with a multimedia spectacle directed by Jan Komasa, with the choreography by Mikołaj Mikołajczyk and music by Kwadrofonik. “Ksenophony. Symphony for the Other” [“Ksenofonia. Symfonia dla Innego" ] will be performed on 28 June at 22.00 on Plac Mickiewicza.