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17 - 28/06/2016

photo Joanna Szproch
Galleryphoto Joanna Szproch

Malta Festival Poznań started yestearday with an energetic parade of colours by Artonik

The first Malta weekend on Plac Wolności will begin with a physical warm up conducted by festival artists. We will also share breakfast together and embroider a motto that will hang over the Liberty Fountain. Next, we invite you to a free workshops on how to create animated films, city reportage or pinhole photography [last places still available, send an e-mail to zapisy@malta-festival.pl]. Weekend relaxation mode will be introduced by concerts of Ballady i Romanse, Moullinex and Silent disco. On Sunday we will be crying with laughter when watching crazy improvisations of Teatr Improwizowany Klancyk accompanied by Paweł Szamburski’s live music.

During the weekend we will also open abandoned buildings. Night trance installation by KakofoNIKT will sound in the walls of the old Dom Książk, while the space of the abandoned Józef Struś Hospital will be filled with music by Wojciech Urbański of the band Rysy. During the day we invite you to urban walks in search of edible plants and the set history of Poznań.

A parent? Check out the weekend program of the Children at Liberty zone!

Watch how Malta Generator was being constructed last week, and then check out what to listen to and see today at the newly open festival centre on Plac Wolności.