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17 - 28/06/2016

photo A. Kosicka
Galleryphoto A. Kosicka

Please send in your submissions for culinary photography workshops with Kukbuk until Sunday 19 June. Take a photo, write a short text, or record a video interpreting the phrase “Viewer’s kitchen”. 60 most interesting responses will be rewarded with an opportunity to participate on the workshops conducted by the blogger – Magda Klimczak (daretocook.pl).

At Concordia Taste you can get entry tickets to performative dinners by the long table on Plac Wolności, which will be prepared by the chef at Concordia Taste, the choreographer Krystyna Szydłowska and the musician Dawid Dąbrowski.

Culinary Malta on Plac Wolności also features a slow food restaurant run by Concordia Taste and Sunday breakfasts served by the aficionados from Kuchnia Ichnia. You will get the chance to taste dishes prepared from ingredients from food co-ops.