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17 - 28/06/2016

photo M. Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto M. Zakrzewski

“I hope that these will be moments when people join together in the spirit of friendship and love to believe that you can conquer all prejudice such as inequality, racism or poverty. (…) our celebration is like an exorcism that is to protect us from the fear of the other."

This is how Alain Beuchet, the leader of Artonik describes his show in conversation with Marek Zaradniak in “Głos Wielkopolski”. The creator of the theatrical and dancing parade invites all Poznanians to celebrate the opening of Malta Festival Poznań 2016. Read here what to wear, what to take and how to warm up before the parade of colours, which will kick off today at 19:00 in front of Teatr Polski in Poznań
Watch how Malta Generator was being constructed last week, and then check out what to listen to and see today at the newly open festival centre on Plac Wolności.