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17 - 28/06/2016

A neighbourhood square between blocks, with a weeping willow in the middle. Wild plants grow in the forest part of the garden (this is the first project in Poland that aims to restore lost vegetation in a city centre), whereas the sunlit part features flowerbeds where the residents cultivate decorative plants according to their own ideas. The garden is also a mini gallery displaying the works of some renowned artists, including Paweł Susid, Krystian TRUTH Czaplicki and Agnieszka Grodzińska. The garden hosts weekly neighbourhood meetings, creative activities for children and gardening workshops, in addition to picnics, concerts and outdoor film shows.

Contributors: residents, Klub Osiedlowy „Krąg”, Stowarzyszenie Kasztelania Ostrowska, Galeria Łęctwo, szczep Łazarz, Generator Malta.