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17 - 28/06/2016

Dries Verhoeven:
GalleryDries Verhoeven: "Ceci n'est pas le futur" / photo: Klaudyna Schubert

In the morning, a performance art and publishing project by the 000000 group took place. It aims to draw attention to unconsciously or intentionally “turning a blind eye”, i.e. the problem of marginalising by not noticing. As always, we did not skip our morning physical routine. Today, you could practise yoga with Ulla Wilczyńska-Kalak. Today’s Dries Verhoeven installation evoked extreme emotions- it depicted a boy playing with a gun and bullets. We are happy to inform, that we started “The crown of Poznań” project; today we played Twister on the roofs of the highest buildings in the city. In the afternoon, a meeting called “Community. Migrants” took place. We listened to migrants talking about their experiences and stories linked to our country. In the evening, in Parish Church, you could watch “Śnienie” play, which brings together fragments of human dreams about Heaven. Later, in the beautiful scenery of the Ballet School, guests of the festival could meet the curator of this year’s edition, Lotte van den Berg.