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17 - 28/06/2016

<i>Obstacle – Sculpting Fear</i> / fot. Klaudyna Schubert
GalleryObstacle – Sculpting Fear / fot. Klaudyna Schubert

In the morning, we met in an uninhabited building at Działyńskich Street 3, for “Opowiadaniem rządzą nie usta, lecz ucho” workshop. We were creating audio dramas based on Italo Calvino’s book, “Invisible Cities”. On Liberty Square, you could see “Jak oswoić tymczasowość” exhibition, showing some interesting practices of temporary usage of uninhibited buildings. We also reached the top of another building, as part of “The crown of Poznań”. This time we did not visit neither a tenement house nor a skyscraper, but a church. In the evening, in the Ballet School Courtyard, you could watch “Elephant”, which is a fictionalised account of the final hours of the victims and perpetrators of the Columbine High School massacre. Before Silent Disco, Julia Marcell revisited Malta with music from her last album “Proxy”.