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17 - 28/06/2016

Jagoda Karalus, Magdalena Pietrzak, Ewa Sławicz:
GalleryJagoda Karalus, Magdalena Pietrzak, Ewa Sławicz: "Sensoplastusie" / photo: Klaudyna Schubert

Thought the day, Liliana Piskorska was proving, that only 10-15% of the clothes we consider as used and unnecessary are so. She knows how to bring them back to life. As always, we organised some activities for our youngest guests. Even 6-months old kids could play with eco colours during “Sensoplastusie” workshops. “Było super, ale coś się zepsuło” by Teatr Post Factum was shown in Centrum Amarant. The play analyses the condition of the European community and its threats.

On Liberty Square we listened to “Miasto. Pustostany” talk, in which vacant buildings around Poznań are thought about as unexploited potential. We also watched “Backlight/Money for free” movie, from the project that deals with issues of the future, focusing on global matters and the search for equilibrium in social, economic and cultural problems. In the evening, at a long table, we were enjoying the meal prepared by Concordia Taste.