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17 - 28/06/2016

Lotte van den Berg / photo: M. Zakrzewski
GalleryLotte van den Berg / photo: M. Zakrzewski

As always, the opening of the festival was boisterous. Rainy weather did not stop us, as we changed the meteorological conditions into more favorable one, spreading colors on each another with Artonik group. The dancing parade, similar to the hindu Holi festivals marched and danced it way through the city.

On the first day spectators also had a chance meet Lotte van den Berg, the curator of the festival's Idiom.

Equally colorful was the performance by japanese group Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker, which attempts to show on stage the chaos of today's society. In the evening windows, balconies and buildings of the Liberty Square were decorated thanks to Miopia project. One could only see the intallations through the special binoculars. After Ballady i Romanse concert, we ended the day in an active way: with city run Night Runners and traditionaly, with Silent Disco.