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17 - 28/06/2016

<i>Wasteland</i> rehearsal / photo: M. Zakrzewski
GalleryWasteland rehearsal / photo: M. Zakrzewski

In the morning, Bush Hartshorn and the participants of his workshop “Giving and receiving feedback” were debating how to talk (with the artists) about (created by them) art. The aim was to increase awareness of the role of the feedback process in an artist’s development and to discuss some “hows” and “whens” to consider when utilising such practices make sense. On Liberty Square, you could meet Pippo Delbono, one of the most influential theatre directors in Europe, the director of “Orchidee”. In the afternoon, a performative reading of “Dziennik rook węża” by Piotr Simian took place and a meeting with the writer. Bebek Engird took us for a walk in the city after dark. It was a journey in time and space across nighttime streets and clubs to visit some popular venues, as well as some that no longer exist. In the evening, we were having fun in Liberty Square on Silent Disco and listening to “Muchy” concert.