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17 - 28/06/2016

Dries Verhoeven:
GalleryDries Verhoeven: "Ceci n’est pas de l'amour" / photo: Klaudyna Schubert

Thought the day, on Liberty Square you could take part in “Miasto w portrecie” project, by Beata Sadowska. The aim of this project is to give new meanings, representations of the personal and the public, to objects found within the urban space and to the faces of residents. The portraits will be created during the Festival, in front of an audience, based on the residents’ family archives and photographs taken in plac Wolności. On Półwiejska Street, Dries Verhoeven was shocking the public with a scene, which is actually natural, but in today’s society seems quite inappropriate. In the afternoon, you could meet Marcin Kącki and listen to the performative reading of “Białystok” book. Another edition of “The crown of Poznań” also took place on the roof of Andersia Tower. In CK Zamek, our guests could watch “Orchidee” play, by Pippo Delbono. Its’ aim is to stop for a while and escape the fast-paced society that we are living in. In the evening, on Liberty Square, citizens of Poznań could listen to “Kocham Pana, Panie Sułku” (I Love You, Mr Sułek) radio comedy, which is known by few generation of Poles.