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17 - 28/06/2016

photo: M. Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto: M. Zakrzewski

Time for a story is time of being together: for a moment, when the words are heard, we are together with others, abandon our viewpoints, and listen to the story woven before us. Digi-dizajn is a simple online tool designing the material world in space of the story. The project originated in Mokotów district in Warsaw. For the needs of Generator Malta, a photography database for several districts of Poznań has been made available to residents who would like to change them, as well as a tool for modification of the photos: a palette of paints and brushes. Via touch of fingers on the screen or by mouse, anyone may design space, add new objects, or colour the already existing ones. The portraits of the districts are also made up of stories of their residents audible in the background.

Digi-dizajn project is available online. In order to transfer it to the material world, we put out chairs, tables, tablets and speakers in selected districts of Poznań where city gardens are created. We invited local residents to transfer their dreams, imagination and viewpoints to drawings in the photos. We also organised workshops for children. They will be able to show us where to play in the city with the use of disposable photo cameras. Then - we and children, together - transformed those places with digi-dizajn.pl.