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17 - 28/06/2016

photo: M. Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto: M. Zakrzewski

City community gardens is a project which we formed together with the residents in 2013 as part of Generator Malta and which we have nurtured until today in a few districts of Poznań. City community gardens build a sense of togetherness, integrate local community, make it possible to be and work with nature. Their character is created by local residents. And so, city gardens are exceptionally diverse, depending on the context, time and place in which they are created. Urban problems and dreams of inhabitants focus in them. During Malta festival, the Liberty square (Plac Wolności) features a set of practices developed in the gardens and the gardens becomes an extension of our activities on the square. Indeed, they are the place where children and seniors, city and home, various worlds and freedom meet every day.

A neighbourhood square between blocks, with a weeping willow in the middle. Wild plants grow in the forest part of the garden (this is the first project in Poland that aims to restore lost vegetation in a city centre), whereas the sunlit part features flowerbeds where the residents cultivate decorative plants according to their own ideas. The garden is also a mini gallery displaying the works of some renowned artists, including Paweł Susid, Krystian TRUTH Czaplicki and Agnieszka Grodzińska. The garden hosts weekly neighbourhood meetings, creative activities for children and gardening workshops, in addition to picnics, concerts and outdoor film shows.

Contributors: residents, Klub Osiedlowy „Krąg”, Stowarzyszenie Kasztelania Ostrowska, Galeria Łęctwo, szczep Łazarz, Generator Malta

The garden is located on an empty plot between two houses. Until recently, the plot was an unofficial waste-yard, but due to the joint efforts of residents, activists and botanists, it has been taken over by vegetation. The sunny part has been planted with Mediterranean species, at the end of a drainpipe there is a water reservoir, and the various potted plants are cared for by children from a nearby school. Elderly residents rest on renovated city benches, whilst the younger Wilda locals creatively explore a structure that was made during an international architectural workshop. The meetings, concerts and workshops which are regularly held here are conducive to getting everyone into the habit of caring for the common area.

Contributors: Inicjatywa Lokalna Wildzianie, Zespół Szkół z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi i Specjalnymi nr 2 w Poznaniu, Klub Seniora przy Wolontariacie Wielkopolskim, III Szczep Drużyn Harcerskich i Zuchowych, Generator Malta

Initially an extensive invitation to co-create a studio in an abandoned house in Jeżyce, Dzielnico! (Oh, Neighbourhood!) has become the name of a group of activists concentrated around the Kiosk at the corner of Jackowskiego and Wawrzyniaka Streets. The foundation explores, identifies, experiments with and revives undiscovered or forgotten places by listening to their stories, their interactions with people and with everyday life. In collaboration with the residents, in particular a group of local children, and supported by initiatives like Generator Malta, for the past two years it has provided a space for debates, meetings, book exchanges, workshops and concerts, as well as art and community projects. In 2014, the children created a radio-play (Słuchowisko o kiosku), and in 2015, a theatre project (DZIELNI/CO?).