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17 - 28/06/2016

  • Zosia is really talented in ... Clothes. Her style is different than other girls', which they don't really like. That's why when she comes at the party in her new dress, everyone

  • There are 5 full of life, cute, and cheering teenagers in group: Zosia, Julia, Alicja, Daria and Justyna. They love eating, singing, dancing, hanging out with eachother, and having fun. Although they are different, they can work together.

    Direction: Renata Ziomek
    Producer: Lechosław Rybka
    Actors: Alicja Stępnik, Daria Pietrzak, Zofia Szymańska, Justyna Kawczyńska, Julia Kaźmierczak
    Original Sound: ''KAAJJ''