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17 - 28/06/2016

photo: press release
Galleryphoto: press release
  • noish~[commotion in moderation] is a performance which attempts to be one thing. It insist on a discipline up until failure. A body filtrates noise through itself, intensifying within space the breaking down of all her becoming[s]. A feeling that noise is not a sound, noise is not a cry; noise seen as fun, works as a stimulus and a catalyst for a change. There is no I. I bear witness. Dance and music intertwine and all I see is a vibration of the shell, never the cracking.

  • Concept, dance: Marysia Zimpel
    Music: Bryan Eubanks
    previous iteration with Gerard Lebik
    Supported by PERFORMAT, Municipal Gallery Arsenal, Poznań and Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk/Old Brewery New Dance, Poznań

  • MARYSIA ZIMPEL dancer, choreographer. In her work she derives from somatics and autobiographical abstraction. Her works are various forms of creating intensities.

    Her creations: “Working like a dog” (Imagetanz Festival 2011, Vienna). “What do you really miss?” (SoloProject 2012, Poznań and Berlin 2013), “s c a t t e r” (FrivMove Zamek/CK Zamek, Poznań 2014), “noish~[commotion in moderation] (Municipal Gallery Arsenal in Poznań 2014, Art Station Foundation 2015), Trio “What do you really miss?”(3),2 (Art Station Foundation, Poznań 2015).

    As a dancer she worked mainly with: Isabelle Schad, Rosalind Crisp and currently Kat Valastur.

    She studied Dance, Choreography and Context at HZT in Berlin, and Cultural Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where she received her MA. In 2009 she was a recipient of DanceWeb Scholarship. Somatic Practices and the “choreographic improvisation” of Rosalind Crisp had an important influence on her approach to dance and choreography.

    BRYAN EUBANKS (b. 1977) is a musician and composer from the Pacific Northwest of the US. He composes electronic and acoustic works for small ensembles, solo instruments, and custom generative software; improvises in collaboration; and, is developing sound installations and diffusion techniques using acoustic holography. Since 2001 he has participated in many collaborative projects and presented his work internationally. Primarily an autodidact, he received an MFA in 2012 from the Milton Avery School of the Arts at Bard College. He has lived and worked in Portland and New York City, and is currently based in Berlin.