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17 - 28/06/2016

  • We are pooling ideas for workshops, participative performances and actions which turn audience members into participants. Selected projects will be included into the program of Malta Generator as a part of Malta Festival Poznań 2017. They will be implemented in the open space of Liberty Square in Poznań, at the festival centre, where, apart from the usual small architecture and stages, a symbolic object will be erected representing a wall.

    IDEA: Imagine a wall. OPEN CALL

    Whose horizons it limits, whose it represents, how much it costs and who will pay the highest price for it? Walls don’t have to be made from concrete in order to divide. Market hauntology , bureaucracy, order, prohibition, prescription are enough. I don’t know, I don’t want to, I don’t accept, I avoid, I despise are enough.

    The wall became a fact, a fixture of everyday life. For that reason we will be conditioning ourselves to live on one or the other side of the wall. We will cut the length and breadth of Liberty Square, we will divide into for and against, into yes and no, into I and other. We will create a place to negotiate Liberty. We will try to understand, why walls are created — in order to demolish them all the quicker.

    But to do this, we need you. You need to make the wall, against its nature, a space for negotiation. We believe that the wall is a thesis, which - with carefully chosen arguments - can be overturned.


    — original concept
    — method of engagement of the festival goers and/or passers-by
    — adjustment of the project to the specificity of Liberty Square


    — fill in the form 
    — send the form to: generator@malta-festival.pl

    Submissions: 30/03-18/04
    Results publication: 25/04
    Project implementation: 16-25/06

    The maximum cost of one project should not exceed 1500 PLN gross.

    For the complete terms and conditions of the open call go to: http://malta-festival.pl/public/upload/files/regulamin_OpenCall_mur_PL_EN.pdf.