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17 - 28/06/2016

  • Mauro Pallotta - Maupal, Italian artist is coming to Poznan to see the city and find a place for his mural.

    We invite you to an open meeting with the artist in Malta Foundation. During the conversation Maupal will talk about the experience of creating murals, the situation of street art in Italy and of its author's technique of painting on a steel wool.

    Mauro Pallotta, creates under the pseudonym Maupal is one of the most interesting artists of the Italian street art. Most famous for his paintings with the image of Pope Francis. The first portrait, painted and glued on one of the walls in Rome in 2014, presented the pope flying in the pose of Superman. The second was built in the vicinity of St. Peter's Square. Peter and presented the Pope, who stands on a ladder and paint brush on the wall game of noughts and crosses, the wheel turned to "pacyfkę." Though both after a few hours removed municipal services, in memory of the town, surfers and tourists images perpetuated permanently.