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17 - 28/06/2016

by Franciszek Sterczewski
Galleryby Franciszek Sterczewski
  • The streets of Poznań are donning new guises and taking on new functions. On Saturday 17 September we would like to check out how to spend time pleasantly with family, friends and other city-dwellers in the centre of Poznań on a carpark. It is the fourth edition of the international Park(ing) Day project that Malta Festival Poznań is participating in, but for the first time we are doing it as a part of the Sustainable Transport Week organised by the City of Poznań.

    Also for the first time we invited over 30 cultural institutions, cafes, small enterprises to celebrate with us. We encouraged them to set out tables, chairs, potted plants in front of their front windows, thus changing the street into a people-friendly space.

    We are also preparing a cultural carpark. On the section of Ratajczaka Street between św. Marcin Street and 27 Grudnia Street, we will set up a special Culture Lane, which will be created in association with the University Library, Raczyński Library, City Information Centre (CIM), National Museum, Polski Theatre, Gazeta Wyborcza, Poznań Local Tourist Organisation and Miejskie Publishing House, who are all preparing something special for that day.

    Close by, on Św. Marcin street, educational events and consultations regarding the recent changes of the 30km/h Zone will be organised by the Bicycle Poznań Association and the Municipal Road Authority.
    Have no fear. We will not be closing the streets. Instead of a revolution we propose an evolution and a balance of interests for each road user. We know that cars are still important and popular means of transport for many Poznanians, however, it is pedestrian-friendly streets that play an important city-forming role. We intend to create a community of inhabitants step by step, table by table.

    See you on the street.

    The event is organised under the Honorary Patronage of the President of the City of Poznań, as a part the Sustainable Transport Week.