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17 - 28/06/2016

photo: www.lottevandenberg.nu
Galleryphoto: www.lottevandenberg.nu
  • Agoraphobia (2011/2012)

    A performance in a public space. A man shouts to provoke bystanders to take a stance, to respond. The audience gradually begins to follow the man, guided by instructions given to them on their mobile phones. The performance has been presented in many cities, including New York (Times Square).

    An Exercise in Dying (2010)

    In this stirring ten-minute short, a man is watching a woman dying in the street. “Death is a challenge. We prepare to eventually let go of life. We watch how others find the strength to breathe their last breath,” says the artist about the piece, which focuses on the ethical dimension of looking: How does what we are looking at move the viewer? In what ways are they moved? Does this lead to action?