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17 - 28/06/2016

photo: Quadrienale Prague
Galleryphoto: Quadrienale Prague
  • A series of public interventions that create a rupture in the accelerated flow of the city life. They proposes a temporary counter model by creating an interference through standstill. Obstacle is based on a very simple proposition: people lying on the floor.

    With a group of about 10 local performers a series of images, body arrangements and compositions are created in the public space. These images are a challenge for the security and the public order since they generates an obstacle within the pulse of functional streets. Idleness, standstill and deliberate collapse are responses to progress, growth and acceleration. Everything is under control.

    * IF YOU LIE DOWN YOU CAN’T FALL ANYMORE. A link to a “review” by Nienke Scholts that was written within the framework of Between Realities that is part of Platform Scenography and participated at Prague Quadriennial in June 2015.


  • JULIAN HETZEL works as performance maker, musician and visual artist. He develops works along the intersection of theatre, music and media that have a political dimension and a documentary approach. His works are produced and presented internationaly: (Frascati Amsterdam(NL), Festival a/d Werf Utrecht (NL), Spielart-Festival Munich (DE), Theater der Welt Mannheim, Deutsches National Theater Weimar, Brut Vienna (AT), STUK Leuven (BE), National Theatre Riga (LV), Espacios Revelados Buenos Aires (ARG), Quadrienale Prague (CZ). Recently, he was awarded the “Nieuwe-Makers-subsidie” from the Dutch Fonds Podiumkunsten and is the associated artist at SPRING Performing Arts Festival Utrecht for 2015 – 17.

    Julian Hetzel is Born in the Black Forest (DE), currently based in Utrecht (NL). He studied at Bauhaus University Weimar with a focus on visual communication (Diploma 2008). He is founding member of the electro-pop band Pentatones. He graduated from DasArts; Amsterdam an artistic research laboratory for new forms of theatre and performing arts (Master of Theatre) in 2013.

  • Director: Julian Hetzel
    Performer: Tomislav Feller, Miri Lee, Eva Susova, Svetlin Velchev
    Dramaturg: Miguel Angel Melgares Sound design &
    music: Natalia Dominguez Rangel Costume
    design: Gertjan Franciscus
    Light Design: Nico de Rooij
    Produced by: SPRING Performing Arts Festival Utrecht
    With support of: Fonds Podiumkunsten (NL), Gemeente Utrecht, SPACE – Supporting Performing Art Circulation in Europe, South East Dance Brighton through residency and Quadrennial Prague