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17 - 28/06/2016

© Paulina Zielińska
Gallery© Paulina Zielińska
  • Song is a capacious word. It can contain but a single sound or just one word and it can hold a whole sea of sounds and words. The song we sing can be simple, nice, pretty and in-tune. But it can also be awry, with imperfections and falling apart. It can be quiet and it can be loud, it can be ordinary. It will all become clear when we meet and share what bothers and touches us the most. With what we’ll manage to gather, we hope to forge the adequate sounds, melody and words.

    ”Song under construction” is an experimental workshop that can bear a whole variety of fruits, and each result will be equally good if only we dedicate our collective energy to its attaining.

    In order to participate in the workshop you don’t need to have or prove any musical talents. All it takes is just your will to work together and some courage to engage in cooperation with your own voice and with other people. During the workshop we will do a proper warm up, exercising our bodies, breathing and making sounds, and all the ears and voices, no matter their experience and qualifications, will be well taken care of.