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17 - 28/06/2016

© Chedly . Artonik
Gallery© Chedly . Artonik
  • The spectacle, which will be created by musicians, dancers and actors was directed by the French group Artonik, i.e. Alain Beauchet and Caroline Selig. The spectacle refers to the traditions of the hindu holiday Holi, which is primarily celebrated in India. In Artonik's interpretation of the holiday it is a trance happening, all about dancing and drawing in regular people to join the fun. Hundreds of people of various ages – children, parents, students, pensioners – all join the dancing theatrical parade, which passes through several “stations” to reach the final destination to culminate in an explosion of colours and sounds. All colours of the rainbow are a symbol of forgiveness and new beginnings, they signify diversity and reconciliation.

    Alain Beauchet confesses: “The idea came up in 2011 when there was a big discussion in France about extremist parties, foreigners, xenophobia, single-sex marriages (…). The situation was so aggressive and brutal, that we longed to put ourselves in a completely opposite frame of mind – to be joyful and open, to meet, to gather, to invite everyone to take part and not to say «I don’t want him here» and close up”. The Director also adds, “The spectacle is for everyone, but most importantly for «non-audiences», i.e. people who don’t go to the theatre. Because they don't have the money, because they don’t understand it, because they don’t have a sufficiently elegant shirt”.

    “The Color of Time” street parade will be free-of-charge and open. It will be co-created by 70 volunteers from Poland. It is the third visit of the famous French Artonik group to Malta Festival Poznań.

  • Authors and artistic direction: Alain Beauchet and Caroline Selig
    Comedians-dancers:Julie Alamelle, Jean-Serge Dunet, Sandra Français, Henri Haddad, Michaël Jaume, Cyril Limousin, Kader Mahammed, Juliette Nicolotto, Vladimir Rivera, Lucas Tissot, Diane Touzin, Julie Yousef
    Musicians on live: Dominique Beven, Philippe Capitani and Laurent Pernice
    Technician: Sébastien Devey
    Technic assistants: Yann Decamps et Stephan Ripoll
    Stylism trainees: Angela Landreal, Lucie Schreiber
    Constructors: Sylvain Georget, Daniel Adami, Julo Etievant - HO7 Marseille