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17 - 28/06/2016

photo Saint Roch’s Secondary School
Galleryphoto Saint Roch’s Secondary School
  • The play will begin with four characters in an interview room in a police station being questioned on the murder of Lenny Murdoch, the police officer will ask each suspect who they are and what relation they have with the victim, first of all the police officer will be in the room with suspect no 1 Raquel Murdoch his wife and mother of his child he will begin with asking her to state her relationship with the victim etc. she will then begin explaining where she was on the night the accident took place during this the lights will slowly fade until blackout Raquel continue speaking until the lights come back on. There will then be a flashback of Lenny entering his home under the influence of alcohol, we will show Lenny approaching Raquel and instantly becoming violent, in order for Raquel to protect herself and there child she will try to exit the home though Lenny pulls her back when she then hits him over the head with a table lamp when she sees that he is unconscious she panics and leaves. This scene will open with the police officer entering the interview room where suspect no 2 and 3 Penny and Adam he will again ask them what they did on the night of the accident penny will begin explaining when the lights go down and come back up with Lenny entering the local news agents where the young couple work we will see Lenny demanding alcohol though penny is refusing as she was told by his wife Raquel (who is a local customer) not to serve him anymore alcohol, Lenny then begins to smash up the shop in order to get what he wants when Adam tries to get him to leave the shop they begin to fight when Penny pushes him away though he falls and injures his head when Adam and Penny see that he is not responsive then carry him around to the back off the shop and leave him there. This scene will open with the last victim Layton who the police officer will also question her when she begins to explain the lights will fade, When the lights come back up it will show Layton a young girl who is heading home alone after leaving a concert with her friends we will then see Lenny shouting and whistling at the young girl we will see her trying to ignore him when he approaches her. He begins to harass Layton and refuses to leave her alone; he grabs her by the wrists holding her tightly. To escape Layton punches him in the stomach and the last thing we see is Lenny lying on the ground unconscious. The last thing to happen is all the suspects are released home as they have no evidence. They all go for a drink in the pub, when the detective enters the bar and reveals that he knows who the murderer is. Then there a blackout !!!!!